Learn How to Order a Barclays Credit Card – Forward Card

The Barclaycard Forward credit card is designed to help you improve your credit score. It offers benefits like reducing interest rates over time and the opportunity to earn cash back. 

While the credit limit starts between £50 and £1,200, this is a minor setback considering its primary goal to boost your credit. 

Over time, your credit limit can grow. Keep reading to discover more about its features and the application process.

How Can Barclaycard Forward Credit Card Help You?

The Barclaycard Forward credit card is designed for individuals looking to improve or build their credit score


Whether you’re new to credit or working to enhance a poor credit rating, this card offers a practical solution. 

Its rising popularity in the UK as a credit builder card comes with several benefits.

Barclaycard Forward Credit Card Facts You Should Know Before Getting One

It is ideal for anyone aiming to build a solid credit score while enjoying several advantages.


Key feature

Unlock exclusive Barclaycard Entertainment benefits, including a range of discounts and promotions

Plus, indulge in five months of complimentary Apple Music and Apple TV. Enjoy an introductory bonus of three months with zero interest on most purchases.


No annual fee is required. This feature elevates the Barclaycard Forward credit card’s appeal, ensuring convenience and savings.


Are You Eligible for the Card?

If boosting your credit score is on your agenda, then turning your attention to the Barclaycard Forward credit card might be a wise move. 

Before diving into the application process, which is conveniently online, it’s essential to ensure you meet the eligibility criteria. 

Specifically, you must be at least 18 years old and have UK residency. This step is crucial in setting the stage for your application.

How to Apply for a Barclaycard Forward Credit Card

To get a Barclaycard Forward Credit Card, start by signing up on their official site. Once you’re in, head to the application section and fill it out. They’ll need your contact info, address, birthday, and other personal data.

Next, you’ll input your job and how much money you make, including your current job situation, monthly and annual earnings, plus what you pay in taxes. Sometimes, they might also ask about your expected future earnings.

Finally, share how much you spend each month and how many people depend on you financially. This helps them understand your monthly expenses.

How to Order Barclays Credit Card: Simple Steps

To order a Barclays Credit Card – Forward Card, follow these steps:

  1. Check Eligibility: As mentioned above, ensure you meet the basic requirements: at least 18 years old and a UK resident.
  2. Gather Information: Have your personal and financial information ready. This includes your address history for the past three years, your income, and employment details.
  3. Visit Barclays Website: Go to the Barclays website and navigate to the Forward Card section.
  4. Complete the Application: Fill out the online application form with your details. This will likely include personal information, financial situation, and consent to a credit check.
  5. Submit and Wait for Approval: After applying, Barclays will perform a credit check. This process will determine your creditworthiness and whether you qualify for the card.
  6. Receive Your Card: If approved, you’ll receive your card and related information by mail. Follow any activation instructions provided.

Can You Reduce Your Interest Rate?

Credit cards can be tricky with their interest rates and payment schedules. But, with the Barclaycard Forward credit card, you’ve got a chance to manage better. 

Paying on time, especially in the first year, drops your interest rate by 3%. Keep up the good work; after a year, you’ll see another 2% reduction.

Want to dodge interest altogether? The Barclaycard Forward card offers an interest-free period, which isn’t common. 

The trick is straightforward: pay your dues on time. This habit can grant you up to 56 days without interest. Timely payments not only cut costs but also unlock valuable benefits.

You Can Use Your Card Abroad for One Simple Fee!

When you travel frequently and are set up for an international trip, your Barclaycard can be a reliable option for making payments abroad. 

It’s a common choice for emergency expenses, particularly when cash isn’t on hand. 

Consider it your ideal travel buddy, with the perk of just a straightforward fee for each transaction.

Manage Your Payments Using Barclays Credit Card

To manage your payments with the Barclaycard Forward credit card effectively, it’s crucial not to miss any payments. 

This practice doesn’t just unlock the card’s benefits; it also aids in rebuilding your credit rating, a key reason for selecting this card. 

Choose your payment date and amount for credit cards easily, and set alerts to keep spending within your credit limit.

Stay Safe By Staying Within Your Credit Limit

Staying within your credit limit is crucial, especially with the Barclaycard Forward credit card. 

This card sets a personalized limit based on your financial capability, which is clarified during your application process. If you exceed this limit, you’re hit with a £12 fee, and your credit score takes a hit. 

This undermines the very reason you have a credit card, as it impacts your financial health negatively.


Ensuring a solid credit report and score is fundamentally important in today’s financial landscape. If you find yourself navigating through financial difficulties, this particular credit card offers a beacon of hope. 

It stands as a particularly advantageous choice for individuals who are in the process of establishing their credit history for the first time. 

By providing a platform to build or rebuild one’s credit, it opens up avenues for future financial opportunities and stability, making it an essential tool for those looking to enhance their financial health.

Some Notes

Remember, weigh the risks of credit products carefully. Check the issuer’s terms and conditions before you apply.

To get in touch with Barclays, dial 0800 151 0900 for customer service. For calls from outside the UK, the number is +44 (0) 1604 230 230

If you prefer to send a letter, their address is 1 Churchill Place, London, E14 5HP.