Learn How To Analyze A Pregnancy Test Online And Predict Fertility

If you think you might be pregnant, you want to know immediately. But it’s important to understand what’s happening in your body to know how soon you can test. That’s why taking a pregnancy test online is a great idea.

Read on to learn all about when to use a pregnancy test app online and predict fertility.


What is a Pregnancy Test?

A pregnancy test checks for a specific hormone, hCG, which your body makes when pregnant.

This hormone starts to appear once the fertilized egg attaches to the wall of your uterus. You can find hCG in your blood and urine. Some tests let you find out if you’re pregnant about six days before your period is due to start.


What to Look for in a Pregnancy App Like  Pregnancy and Baby Tracker: WTE?

When choosing a pregnancy app, focus on four key elements.

  1. Health promotion and patient education: The app should offer reliable information to guide you through your pregnancy journey.
  2. Communication: It should provide a way to connect with healthcare professionals for advice and support easily.
  3. Health tracking: The app should help you monitor your health and your baby’s development.
  4. Notifications and reminders: It should inform you about important dates and tasks.

A 2021 study revealed that many pregnancy apps fall short in these areas, with only 28% using information backed by scholarly sources.

Advantages of Using Pregnancy App

Pregnancy apps offer several advantages for expectant individuals.

  • They provide access to information between doctor’s appointments, which became more important after COVID when in-person visits were reduced.
  • They offer a platform to connect with other expectant parents in a digital community.
  • Most apps deliver daily or weekly updates corresponding to the expected developments at each pregnancy stage, which can be comforting for some.

Research indicates that cognitive function, often called “pregnancy brain,” can decline during pregnancy, especially in the third trimester. This includes memory issues and difficulty concentrating.

A pregnancy app with organizational tools and appointment reminders can benefit expectant individuals as they manage the numerous changes and preparations for their baby’s arrival.

What is The Pregnancy & Baby Tracker: WTE App?

The Pregnancy and Baby Tracker: The WTE App is a mobile application for expectant parents. Its visually appealing and clean interface sets it apart from other pregnancy apps.


The app uniquely compares your baby’s size to various objects, including movie props and items from the 80s and 90s. It features 3D images of your baby, details on anatomical development, information about changes in your body, and reviews of baby and pregnancy products.

The app also boasts a strong social network component, with groups for users expecting babies in the same month and for international moms-to-be.


  • Strong social network feature.
  • Includes an ovulation calendar.
  • Has a due date calculator.


  • Some users report app crashes and glitches, leading to the need for reinstallation.

How to Use the App

To use the app, download it on Google Play and/or App Store and follow the instructions below:

  1. Download the App: Download “Pregnancy and Baby Tracker: WTE” from the App Store or Google Play Store.
  2. Create an Account: Open the app and create an account to save your data and access personalized features.
  3. Enter Test Results: Once you have taken a pregnancy test, enter the results into the app. You can do this by selecting the ‘Pregnancy Test’ feature and inputting the relevant information.
  4. Get Analysis: The app will analyze the results based on the information provided. It will interpret whether the test is positive or negative and provide additional insights based on your menstrual cycle and other data.
  5. Track Progress: The app will start tracking your pregnancy progress if you’re pregnant. If not, it will continue to assist you in your fertility journey.

Using the App for Fertility Prediction and Tracking

Now that you have the app, you can use it for fertility prediction and tracking; here’s how you can do it:

  1. Input Menstrual Cycle Information: Start by inputting details about your menstrual cycle, such as the length of your cycle and the date of your last period.
  2. Track Ovulation: Use the app’s ovulation tracker to predict your fertile window. The app will use your menstrual cycle data to estimate when you will most likely ovulate.
  3. Monitor Fertility Signs: Keep track of other fertility signs, such as basal body temperature or cervical mucus changes, using the app’s features.
  4. Get Personalized Insights: Based on the data you input, the app will provide personalized insights and tips to help you increase your chances of conception.
  5. Review Your Fertility Calendar: Use the app’s fertility calendar to review your cycle and fertility predictions. This can help you plan and optimize your chances of conceiving.

Other Alternative Apps

There are also great apps you can check to see if it suits your needs. Here are some of them:

Amila Pregnancy Tracker

Amila provides a comprehensive overview of your baby’s development with visuals, tracks key aspects like kicks and contractions, and offers tools like a calendar and notes for organizing your pregnancy journey.

The Bump Baby Tracker and Pregnancy App

The Bump offers a fun way to visualize your baby’s size and provides daily updates, tips for managing pregnancy symptoms, and a registry tracker for organizing gifts from multiple retailers.

Glow Nurture AI Pregnancy App

Glow Nurture AI provides symptom information, social support, and AI-driven personalized advice. It features a baby registry, a community for parent interaction, and expert resources on various pregnancy topics.


Pregnancy+ is a versatile app with daily articles, guides on breastfeeding and exercise, and options for personalizing your pregnancy tracking and sharing it with loved ones.

Amma: Pregnancy and Baby Tracker

amma offers daily articles, weekly advice from obstetricians, an event diary, a baby kick counter, and meal ideas to support a healthy pregnancy.


Pregnancy apps provide essential support and information for expectant individuals.

They offer personalized guidance, connect users with a supportive community, and help track important milestones.

Choosing the right app can greatly enhance the pregnancy experience, making it a valuable tool for any expectant parent.

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